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Help Us Helping Others

Our main goal is to help people finding walking clinics near their home. In case you don’t see an existing walking clinic, you can write us and we will add it for you and your family.

How is information from clinics collected?

Our team browses the Internet, government sites, municipalities, medical groups and more so that we can find all the information needed to keep this directory up-to-date.

Can we claim a clinic to manage the information?

You can claim a clinic to subsequently control all the information found there. You must apply on the page

Can I add a clinic in the directory?

Of course ! You can add one or more walk-in clinics to the directory by registering.

Contact us

To provide you more information, don't hesitate to contact our team to answer your questions. Cliniques Sans Rendez-Vous is proud to help people to facilitate their life by finding walking clinics near by them.